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8 years 11 months ago #4702 by Rumble
Trigger of the Day - Actor Variables was created by Rumble
Name: 'Actor Variables Example',  VNum: [   27], RNum: [   27]
Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Random , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: None
* By Rumble of The Builder Academy 9091
* A listing and demonstration of all actor variables.
* Random triggers do not have actors so we must define one.
set actor %random.char%
* Make sure the actor can be seen and is a player.
if %actor.canbeseen% && %actor.is_pc%
  %echo% CHARISMA:        %actor.cha%
  %echo% CONSTITUTION:    %actor.con%
  %echo% DEXTERITY:       %actor.dex%
  %echo% STRENGTH/STRADD: %actor.str%/%actor.stradd%
  %echo% WISDOM:          %actor.wis%
  %echo% ALIAS:           %actor.alias%
  %echo% ALIGN:           %actor.align%
  %echo% AFFECT:          %actor.affect%
  %echo% CANBESEEN:       %actor.canbeseen%
  %echo% CLASS:           %actor.class%
  %echo% DRUNK:           %actor.drunk%
  %echo% EXPERIENCE:      %actor.exp%
  %echo% FIGHTING:        %actor.fighting%
  %echo% FOLLOWER:        %actor.follower%
  %echo% GOLD:  
  %echo% HAS_ITEM:        %actor.has_item(1332)%
  %echo% HESHE:           %actor.heshe%
  %echo% HIMHER:          %actor.himher%
  %echo% HISHER:          %actor.hisher%
  %echo% HITPOINTS:       %actor.hitp%
  %echo% HUNGER:          %actor.hunger%
  %echo% ID:    
  %echo% INV:             %actor.inventory%
  %echo% IS_KILLER:       %actor.is_killer%
  %echo% IS_PC:           %actor.is_pc%
  %echo% IS_THIEF:        %actor.is_thief%
  %echo% LEVEL:           %actor.level%
  %echo% MANA:            %actor.mana%
  %echo% MASTER:          %actor.master%
  %echo% MAX HP:          %actor.maxhitp%
  %echo% MAX MANA:        %actor.maxmana%
  %echo% MAX MOVE:        %actor.maxmove%
  %echo% MOVE:            %actor.move%
  %echo% NAME:  
  %echo% NEXT_IN_ROOM:    %actor.next_in_room%
  %echo% POSITION:        %actor.pos%
  %echo% PRACTICES:       %actor.prac%
  %echo% QUESTPOINTS:     %actor.questpoints%
  %echo% ROOM:  
  %echo% SAVING_PARA:     %actor.saving_para%
  %echo% SAVING_ROD:      %actor.saving_rod%
  %echo% SAVING_PETRI:    %actor.saving_petri%
  %echo% SAVING_BREATH:   %actor.saving_breath%
  %echo% SAVING_SPELL:    %actor.saving_spell%
  %echo% SEX:   
  %echo% SKILL BACKSTAB:  %actor.skill(backstab)%
  %echo% THIRST:          %actor.thirst%
  %echo% TITLE:           %actor.title%
  %echo% VAREXISTS:       %actor.varexists(tba_greeting)%
  %echo% VNUM:            %actor.vnum%
  %echo% WEIGHT:          %actor.weight%
  * Objects TSTAT 28, Rooms TSTAT 29, Text TSTAT 30, Special TSTAT 31.
  * equipment positions: 0-18 or light, rfinger, lfinger, neck1, neck2,
  * body, head, legs, feet, hands, arms, shield, about, waist, rwrist,
  * lwrist, wield, hold, inv
  * This example will check wield 16
  if %actor.eq(wield)%
    eval wield %actor.eq(wield)%
    %echo% WIELDING ID:, NAME:, SHORTDESC: %wield.shortdesc%,
TIMER:: %wield.timer%, TYPE: %wield.type%, VAL0: %wield.val0%, VAL1: %wield.val1%,
VAL2: %wield.val2%, VAL3: %wield.val3%, VNUM: %wield.vnum%,
    %echo% CARRIED_BY: %wield.carried_by%, NEXT_IN_LIST: %wield.next_in_list%,
WORN_BY: %wield.worn_by%, WEIGHT: %wield.weight%, COST: %wield.cost%,
COST_PER_DAY: %wield.cost_per_day%
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