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January 14, 2023, Kharkiv, Ukraine, at 15:38, power went out due to Russian shelling. There is almost no mobile Internet, I experimented with connecting a smartphone (Android OS) and a MacBook (a smartphone in Wi-Fi distribution mode). On a smartphone in the termux environment, I launched tbamud, and from a Macbook I connected to it using the tintin++ MUD client. Didn't work at first due to connection timeouts. The timeouts were caused by the lack of internet, that is, the lack of access to DNS and gethostbyaddr call timeouts. It turned out that the authors of MUD have already taken care of a similar situation, and if you specify the nameserver slow option in the config, then everything will work (to edit the config, use the cedit command). The same thing happens in the reverse situation: the tbamud MUD server is on a Macbook, and tt++ is on a smartphone.

Electiticity power is returned at 01:00 15 Jan.

It's my experiments is the dark. I'm iron man ;-)


With best regards, Prool
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